New York City, NY

March 8-10, 2024 (Tentative)



St. Paul, MN

Oct. 20-22, 2023



New York City, NY

New Dates! Sept. 8-10, 2023


Application Essay Questions

Business 2024

  • Queerness is a monolithic term that may not fully capture you and your aspirations. Describe how you engage, or plan to engage, with queerness in your own life and in your career. How would attending the O4U Business Conference benefit these goals, identity development, etc.? Note: Your answer may include concepts around business, politics, culture, etc. (Limit 1500 characters or 375 words)
  • You are leading a startup with unlimited funding. Develop a comprehensive business plan that articulates your strategic approach and includes a section on how you would thoughtfully integrate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) considerations into your overall framework. Address possible challenges tied to both your business strategy and effectively implementing DEI values. Feel free to incorporate lessons from personal experience and/or leaders and businesses you admire. (Limit 3000 characters or 750 words)

Engineering 2023

  • What is an interest or passion of yours? (1200 character limit) This can be tied to your identities, life experiences, interests, skills, ideas, etc. 
  • What has been your proudest achievement in your engineering or leadership experience? Were there any obstacles you overcame? What did you learn from it? (1200 character limit) Examples: An engineering project you supported/led, high school/college awards or recognition, an event you planned and executed, making an impact on an organization, etc.
  • As a future leader in engineering, what is one way you want to positively impact society and your community? How will you use your skills and capabilities to help achieve a better world? (1200 character limit) Some broad areas to consider: social justice; diversity, equity, and inclusion; anti-racism; advocacy; accessibility; education and research; direction of technology; etc.

Digital 2023*

  • What interest or passion matters most to you and why? Reflecting on this passion, how do digital platforms positively impact this interest or how can your interest of choice better use digital platforms? (3250 character limit)

General Essays - Fall 2023

  • Why do you want to attend the O4U Conference? (1200 character limit) Some prompts to get you thinking: How would attending O4U make a difference in helping you achieve your professional or personal goals? What do you hope to gain from the speakers, professionals, recruiters and your fellow attendees? What can you contribute to the event?
  • If you have attended O4U previously, please answer this additional essay question: What were your biggest takeaways from the last O4U conference you attended? What are your goals for this year as opposed to your previous time attending? If admitted this year, how will you work to positively influence other first-time attendees’ experiences? (1200 character limit)


*Formerly the O4U Marketing and Tech Conferences