O4UB 2023 Application Now Open!



Spring 2023



Sep 16-18, 2022



Oct 14-16, 2022



Sep 23-25, 2022


Application Essay Questions

Business 2023

  • Why do you want to attend the O4U Business Conference? (Limit 1500 characters)
  • What does a world without systemic bias look like for you? Please describe any initiatives that you have implemented or plan to implement in an organization or community of yours to ensure a more equitable place for all. (Limit 1500 characters)
  • Describe a company or firm that you hold in high regard due to its business strategy/business model.  (Limit 1500 characters)

Engineering 2022

  • Why do you want to attend o4u engineering? (1200 character limit)
  • What unique perspectives do you bring to the engineering field? How will you use these to make a positive impact? (1200 character limit)
  • What is an engineering innovation that has impacted you and how? (1200 character limit)

Marketing 2022

  • Why do you want to attend the O4U Marketing conference? (300 word minimum)
  • [Student Speaker Optional Essay] What interest or passion matters most to you, and why?

Tech 2022

  • Why do you want to attend the O4U Tech Conference? (1200 character limit)
  • Reflecting on your unique experiences and background, think about one change you would like to see in the technology field or industry. How will you help to achieve that change? (1200 character limit)
  • Tell us about a piece of technology that you find meaningful. Why is it meaningful to you? (1200 character limit)