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Welcome to the O4U Learning Community!

A launchpad of resources to support you Through all points of your personal and career journeys


The O4U Learning Community is a space where you can access resources curated by our team of volunteers with over 15 years combined in instructional design, career development, and management consulting.

These resources are meant to assist throughout your career journey: when it is getting started, when you are planning a career shift, or when you are looking for ways to be more impactful at work.

Additional resources are also available for alumni and current O4U students through Firsthand and Management Consulted

As this community grows, we’re looking to expand to other topics that are important to the members of our community from resources to support personal growth to resources supporting the intersectional identities that make the O4U community so unique. If there’s a topic you’d like us to explore, please email info@outforundergrad.org.

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Special Topic

Coping with Stress

Stress can manifest itself in many different ways. The resources below are meant to help you find ways to recognize when you may dealing with stress and how to seek additional help.

Coping with Stress


- Dr. Sara Rabinovitch

Three short mindfulness exercises created by O4U's Resident Director of Mental Health and Well Being Dr. Sara Rabinovitch, PhD.

"Best ways to manage Stress"

- Harvard Health Publishing

This article explains how to recognize the signs of stress and understand the impact it can have on physical and mental health.

"Coping with Stress"


Learn the importance of managing stress and identifies ways to cope such as talking to someone, taking up an enjoyable activity, or writing down your thoughts and feelings.

"How to Cope with Traumatic Stress"

- American Psychological Association

How to cope with traumatic stress and find resources for additional support


Icon_Life Skills

Life Skills for a Recent Graduate

Skills that help with the transition after graduation

As you make the shift from undergraduate student into launching your career, you may wonder how to navigate through personal and professional changes. Life Skills for The Recent Graduate shares resources on:

  • Setting boundaries early on in order to avoid taking on too much too soon
  • Highlighting your strengths in your day-to-day work
  • Balancing work expectations while managing your energy when you're away

Learning How to Say 'No'

"How to Say No to Taking on More Work"

- Harvard Business Review

Say no without offending the person asking or being labeled a 'bad team player.'

"The Art of Saying No at Work + 7 Workplace Requests to Decline"

- Career Contessa

Identify guardrails to protect your time and energy.


Standing Out Early In Your Career

Eight Easy Tips For New Grads To Stand Out And Show Their Value

- Forbes Human Resources Council

Focus your energy when starting your career. Make the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time.

How To Stand Out In An Entry-Level Job As A Recent College Grad​

- Work It Daily

Being enthusiastic and open to new experience is a great first step to becoming an impactful member of any team. Strategically demonstrate ways you can make an impression early on.


Unplugging from Work

3 Realistic Ways to Unplug When You Leave the Office

- The Daily Muse

Manage your energy when you work in an 'always on' environment.

How to recharge: tips from a Stanford wellness coach

- Stanford University

Do you really know what relaxation really means to you? 

What yoga does to your brain (VIDEO)

- NBC News



Have you ever considered yoga as a destressor? Learn benefits yoga may be able to provide as you consider ways to destress from work.

14 Ways to Recharge Your Internal Batteries

- Living Well, Spending Less

Create a mental getaway for yourself that removes you from your devices and gives you an opportunity to recharge.


Icon_PPT Skills

Core Skill Development 

Skills that help You Build core skillsets important for new graduates

As you start your career, there are core skills that anyone can benefit from having regardless of the industry or organization. Being deliberate in the way you communicate, share information, and manage workplace dynamics in a meeting setting are all ways to stand out in your first job. 

Core Skills for The Recent Graduate is a starting point for you to build those skillsets.

Communication Skills

Conscious Communication: What it is & Examples

- Management Consulted

Learn how to be deliberate in your communication style to be more effective communicating with others.

Speak Like An Executive (Video)

- Management Consulted

Hear top three communication techniques, the importance of clarity, and why learning to sell your ideas is critical.

Business Communication (Video)

- Management Consulted


Find out how to drive action more effectively in your email and in-person communications.

Answer First Communication

- Management Consulted

The answer first communication method is an effective way to persuade, drive action, and become more efficient in your communication.


PowerPoint Skills

Pyramid Principle® Explained (Video)

- Management Consulted



Master the ‘Pyramid Principle’ to create presentations and communications that clearly share a POV.

4 Guidelines To Excellent PowerPoint Storytelling

- Management Consulted

Craft effective, powerful, punchy decks that will knock the socks off any executive.

Making An Online Presentation Like A Pro

- Management Consulted

Deliver your best online presentations… those that quickly grab – and keep – stakeholder attention


Meeting Skills

Effective Meeting Strategies

- Management Consulted

Lead effective meetings that move you and your organization towards your shared goals. 

How to Build Rapport

- Management Consulted

Enhance your ability to build rapport understanding your audience and goal.