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Out for Undergrad's on-going Mentorship Program is designed to empower and support LGBTQ2+ undergraduate students in their professional and personal development. O4U is dedicated to supporting our community in living authentically, discerning what matters most in life and work and supporting career development opportunities that enable high-achieving LGBTQ2+ undergraduates achieve their full potential and our mentorship program serves as a crucial component of this mission. 

Through this program, LGBTQ2+ students are paired with experienced mentors who guide them through the challenges and opportunities of navigating the professional world as an LGBTQ2+ individual. The mentors, who are LGBTQ2+ professionals from various industries, provide invaluable insights and advice, helping mentees build confidence, expand their networks, and navigate the unique aspects of being LGBTQ2+ in their respective fields. 

The Mentorship program not only facilitates professional growth, but also personal growth – fostering a sense of community, solidarity, and joy within the LGBTQ2+ community.

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Hear From Past Mentors

"As an O4U mentor, you have a unique opportunity to be a part of young LGBTQ2+ students’ community, professional, and Queer development. It just might happen that you’ll learn something new from your mentee as well!"

"I loved that mentorship felt like a two-way street, where not only was I able to share my experiences with the students, but their insight was also incredibly valuable too, and gave me new perspectives that I hadn't heard from before!"

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Mentoring Program FAQs

Are there any requirements I should know of in order to become a mentor/mentee?

  • In order to be accepted into the program all mentees must be a student during the duration of the entire Mentoring Program. Mentees must also attend a pre-program information session that goes through expectations, logistics, tips, etc. For mentors, we ideally look for at least 1 year of professional work experience. Mentors must also go through a background check, sign off on all O4U policy documentation, including the Code of Conduct, and attend a pre-program training session.

How do you get matched with a mentee/mentor?

  • We do our best to match mentors/mentees with similar professional interests and/or similar backgrounds. While we can’t guarantee that you will be matched with someone in your field, our belief is that no match is a bad match! We think that no matter the match, you’ll still come away having gained something. 

What happens in the program?

  • The program runs year round in 3 month cohorts and requires 6 one-on-one meetings with your mentor/mentee, as well as attendance at 3 community events (i.e., mindfulness session, keynote speakers, networking events, etc.). For each of the one-on-one meetings, we provide mentors with a list of topics as well as a discussion guide with potential questions to ask their mentee. The curriculum for the program is derived from our highly-successful conference mentoring curriculum developed in partnership with faculty from UC Berkeley, Haas Business School Management of Organizations, Center for Equity, Gender and Leadership, as well as the University of Virginia’s Alumni Mentoring Program.

What are the expectations for mentors? For mentees?

  • Our Mentorship Program touches on both the professional and the personal, so we ask that mentors and mentees come willing to share a part of themselves – the caveat always being only share what you feel comfortable sharing! This is not a mentoring program that has the sole purpose of getting mentees jobs, rather it’s about learning, listening, and growing from one another. Both mentors and mentees are expected to maintain professional standards, including respecting one another’s beliefs, backgrounds, and time!

How is this different from in-conference mentoring?

  • In-conference mentoring includes multiple in-person, group sessions over a few days throughout the duration of the conference. The on-going Mentorship Program is virtual, takes place over 3 months, is based on individual matches, and requires one-on-one meetings as well as community events.