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Join the 200+ global employers already recruiting and inspiring the top LGBTQ2+ undergraduate students and O4U alumni each year.

As recruiters, it’s hard for us to find avenues for great talent that are effective, unique, and philanthropic. O4U is all three.

— O4U Conference Recruiter
Proven recruiting ROI

Experience proven recruiting ROI.

We offer sponsoring employers access to extraordinary students with strong records of achievement, highly diverse backgrounds, and a declared interest in pursuing careers in your industry.  We provide searchable student resumes and custom-tailor opportunities to meet and recruit top candidates.  O4U conferences are the best place to source, meet, impress, and hire for summer internships and full-time positions.  We also welcome the opportunity for sponsors to meet with our alumni - expanding your pool of potential candidates!

Showcase careers at your firm.

O4U conferences offer the best opportunity to tell high-achieving LGBTQ2+ students and O4U alumni what it's like to work at your company.  Showcase the world-changing work that takes place inside your firm each day.  Share facts and anecdotes to illustrate the inclusive environment your firm has cultivated.  You'll showcase your firm’s commitment to LGBTQ2+ equality before the audience that values it most.

Showcase careers at your firm
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Celebrate intersectional identities.

Members of the O4U community come from a variety of backgrounds and we celebrate the many identities represented by our students, sponsors, and organizers. We seek to acknowledge, understand, and celebrate the intersectional identities of our community members. We invite you to join us as we work to increase our diverse representation, celebrate diversity of thought and experience, and provide space and support for individuals to thrive as their authentic selves.

Be a mentor.

Support the lives and passions of ambitious young LGBTQ2+ people. Tell our students about the career and life choices you've made and the lessons you've learned along the way.  Help prepare incoming LGBTQ2+ employees to start their careers off on the right foot – as their full and authentic selves.

Be a mentor
Build your own LGBTQ+ network

Build your own LGBTQ2+ network.

Connect with other LGBTQ2+ professionals from large and small firms in your industry. At all levels of seniority, the professional attendees often regard our conferences as a chance to make friends, learn from common experiences, and reconnect with peers across the industry.

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